[sclug] List Reply-To (was Re: Ubuntu 7.19)

Mayuresh Kadu mskadu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 08:32:14 UTC 2007

How does one subscribe to sclugr at sclug.org.uk? The url
http://l-oeuf.tmdg.co.uk/mailman/listinfo says there are no public lists.


- Mayuresh

On 10/18/07, Tom Dawes-Gamble <tmdg at weardale.cl> wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-10-17 at 18:41 +0100, Mayuresh Kadu wrote:
> > All of this for just getting the facility of getting the list address to
> in
> > the reply-to. And I thought this was about making things simple :)
> >
> > -Mayuresh
> This issue of the Reply-To: setting seems to be a recurring issue.  So
> I'm attempting a possible solution.  It may take a bit of time to get it
> working 100% but I've made a start.  I did something similar for another
> list in the days of Majordomo but I forget exactly what I did :-).
> I've created a second list sclugr at sclug.org.uk this list is subscribed
> to sclug at sclug.org.uk.
> If you subscribe to sclugr at sclug.org.uk then the messages you receive
> will have the Reply-To: set to sclug at sclug.org.uk.
> So if your happy with the way the list is at the moment you don't need
> to do anything and nothing will change for you.
> If you want Reply-To: set then there are a couple of things to do:-
> 1) You need to be subscribed to both lists.
>         a) Subscribe to sclug at sclug.org.uk but turn off delivery from
>                  that list.  (This enables you to post to the list.)
>         b) Subscribe to sclug at sclug.org.uk to receive the message.
> Note: I wouldn't actually turn of the original list till your sure the
> new list is working.
> 2) sclugr at sclug.org.uk is an open list and so you might get spam on that
> list.
> The Web interface to the new list is via
> http://l-oeuf.tmdg.co.uk/mailman/listinfo
> Till I suss out how to move it to sclug.org.uk
> Regards,
> Tom.

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