[sclug] Cheap Tesco PC's (with Ubuntu Pre-Installed)

Matt Lee mattl at gnu.org
Sat Oct 27 10:27:14 UTC 2007

Mayuresh Kadu wrote:
> wow, this is cool! So, Dell isn't the only one.
> The unit in the first link does say Ubuntu 6.06, the second one simply says
> "Linux" (wouldn't RMS say - "dont you mean -- *GNU/ Linux*" .. but
> whatever).
> Nice one..

The distinction is subtle, but important.

If users believe that Linux is the whole deal, they are unlikely to hear
of GNU, or of free software, and will instead be led to believe Linus
Torvalds created the whole system.

This sets a dangerous precident, as Linus himself has been known to
accept proprietary software when it is more convenient to do so.


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