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>> On Fri, 2008-03-14 at 15:21 +0000, Tom Carbert-Allen wrote:
>> > http://www.rdc-shop.co.uk/shops/trade/
>> Was an example Tom gave. 
>> I've been out of the business now for 8 years since the birth 
>> of an unexpected (given our advanced age we didn't think this 
>> was to be!) family meant I became a full time parent since 
>> the millenium. The youngest is now going to school (hurrah) 
>> and I'm thinking of starting up general PC services on a 
>> casual part time basis.
>> All my trade accounts are loooong dead, and some of the 
>> suppliers no longer seem to exist!
>> I think there is enough of a market here for some cheap recon 
>> stuff and might make it worth a try-out
>> What other sellers of stock by-the-pallet load than RBC do 
>> people use? 
>> I used to know all this sort of thing "organically" having 
>> grown up with the small computer world since the advent of 
>> the microcomputer - its amazing how quickly one becomes 
>> totally out of touch when ceasing to be economically active!
> This thread prompted me to look at the prices for preowned computers at
> today's fair
> Base unit only
> Compaq Pentium 4 /1.6g/ 256mb RAM / 20gb HD/ CD		?45
> Pentium 4 /2.6g/ 512mb RAM / 40gb HD/ CD			?65
> Keyboard and mice can be picked up cheaply at the fair
> Complete unit with 17" screen, keyboard and mouse
> Dell Optiplex GX240 Pentium 4 /2.4g/ 256mb RAM / 40gb HD/ CD
> ?99
> (warranty usually 3 month)
> Also assorted laptops
> There are several vendors selling new base units with no O/S (keyboard etc
> extra) and for example Vivatech are asking
> Core 2 Due E6750 / 1gb RAM / 250gb HD/ DVD writer / Geforce 8400GS
> ?345
> (3 year warranty)
> Last but not least the 'open source man' is always there !

well, I try to be there always, but it is not always possible of course.

A possible future line of business might include activity in the home 
computer area where a person wants to have an alternative to MS and 
simply wants someone to do the partition work and install and set up. 
I had some friends visit recently and they were interested in using 
(ubuntu) in future. However, they are so far away that I could not 
help physically. They will have to find someone local to them, and 
would be happy to pay local shop rates.

There is increasing interest at the computer fairs - from attenders 
who are the type who are confident enough to go and visit a computer 
fair. Which is not quite the average person in the street.

There is evidence that linux is now no longer a best kept secret. It 
is well known in name. I no longer talk to peopple who have not heard 
of it. The current converstaions are not even about what it will do. 
They are about final actions - what has to be done to install it. 
These are people who would not be in th eLUG network, an dmany seem 
quite reluctant to consider this anyway.

A nearby trader at the fair has this month begun using ubuntu on a 
range of used Dell laptops he has. At his request I will be offering 
leaflets which introduce ubuntu and point in his direction. It has 
been 3 or 4 months since he first expressed interest.

There is a steady trickle of articles in the media about linux in some 
way. People will soon want to have the layer of domestic local support.

I am sure these DIY people will begin to act as an informal support 
network in time, but I believe some opportunities are likely for 
'local shop' level linux on home machines for people who want to have 
that service.
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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