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Mike Mallett mike.mallett at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 14 21:31:52 UTC 2008

> Yay!
> well, I try to be there always, but it is not always possible 
> of course.
> A possible future line of business might include activity in 
> the home computer area where a person wants to have an 
> alternative to MS and simply wants someone to do the 
> partition work and install and set up. 
> I had some friends visit recently and they were interested in using
> (ubuntu) in future. However, they are so far away that I 
> could not help physically. They will have to find someone 
> local to them, and would be happy to pay local shop rates.
> There is increasing interest at the computer fairs - from 
> attenders who are the type who are confident enough to go and 
> visit a computer fair. Which is not quite the average person 
> in the street.
> There is evidence that linux is now no longer a best kept 
> secret. It is well known in name. I no longer talk to peopple 
> who have not heard of it. The current converstaions are not 
> even about what it will do. 
> They are about final actions - what has to be done to install it. 
> These are people who would not be in th eLUG network, an 
> dmany seem quite reluctant to consider this anyway.
> A nearby trader at the fair has this month begun using ubuntu 
> on a range of used Dell laptops he has. At his request I will 
> be offering leaflets which introduce ubuntu and point in his 
> direction. It has been 3 or 4 months since he first expressed 
> interest.
> There is a steady trickle of articles in the media about 
> linux in some way. People will soon want to have the layer of 
> domestic local support.
> I am sure these DIY people will begin to act as an informal 
> support network in time, but I believe some opportunities are 
> likely for 'local shop' level linux on home machines for 
> people who want to have that service.
> --
> alan cocks
> Kubuntu user#10391

By co-incidence I spotted this story today in a financial newsletter 



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