[sclug] My disk esplode

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Tue Apr 15 10:38:41 UTC 2008

David Given wrote:
> Out of interest, is it possible to get external HDD racks? Just a box 
> with cooling and power, out of which I can run a bundle of SATA cables 
> to the PC. And, preferably, not industrial sized, too.
I have one of these, it's a ?4.99 ebuyer external USB hard drive box 
that I cut a little gap in the end and ran a 1m sata cable out of. 
Getting long sata cables is another matter (I got mine from a rackmount 
server which was smashed by DHL. I have still yet to get anything with 
eSATA, but that only extends to 2m. It also has shielded cables and 
different plugs, but the one I pulled from the server seem to be 
shielded anyway (one was cut by DHL crushing)

One interesting FAIL I have just discovered about SATA cables:

The external connector and cable are designed for over five thousand 
insertions and removals while the internal connector is only specified 
to withstand fifty.


FIFTY! Bloody rubbish connector... who ever approved that. I thought new 
technology was supposed to be better... fifty plug in's really isn't enough.

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