[sclug] Help! (with a big 'H')

Will Dickson wrd at glaurung.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 27 19:55:03 UTC 2008

David Given wrote:
> Will Dickson wrote:
> [...]
>> WTF? This is an LTS release, and they bundled a FF *beta*? Wieee-erd.
>> Are you sure there isn't an option to revert to FF 2?
> It's so they don't have to do a major-version-number-change later, when
> FF3 comes out and FF2 is deprecated by the Mozilla Foundation. Switching
> from 3b5 to 3 will be a much less drastic change than from 2 to 3.

Good point. Presumably they've had enough of being moaned at by 
end-users for shipping out-of-date versions of rapidly-evolving 
packages. So instead, they get moaned at by end-users for shipping betas 
instead. Oh well...

> Yes; it's thought that ReiserFS may be an accomplice, and so if Hans
> Reiser is found guilty the software will be locked away too, which means
> you won't be able to get at any of your data.

Well, quite. The fact that ReiserFS is an evolutionary dead-end, with a 
complex codebase, and small pool of available maintenance devs which is 
now likely to shrink further since Namesys is pretty much defunct, is a 
minor detail in comparison.


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