[sclug] [OT] Acer Aspire One running Linux with Office 2007 (sic)

Ian Park ian at chalmers-park.name
Wed Dec 17 12:44:26 UTC 2008

I just had to give this one more visibility, though it doesn't surprise 
me in the slightest!

I'm thinking of upgrading from my Asus Eee 700 (which I've already 
upgraded to 1GB RAM and an extra 4GB of flash, to give a total of 8GB) 
to an Acer Aspire One - the Asus is nice, but the screen is rather small 
and the keyboard is *definitely* not so good as that on my Psion 
Netbook. Having read some favourable reviews, I went into the local 
Currys.digital to see if I could try out the keyboard of the Acer. I 
found a couple there (both with Linux installed), and the keyboard is 
definitely an improvement on the Asus - bigger area, so bigger keys, and 
more keyboard travel. It's about as good as my Psion...

However I had to smile at what was printed on the two pieces of paper 
hung on each one - one proclaimed that the machine has a "LINUX 
OPPERATING SYSTEM" (SIC); this was obviously locally printed. The other 
offered Norton 360 and Office 2007 for ?78.29 if they were bought with 
that machine. How to waste money...

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