[sclug] [OT] Acer Aspire One running Linux with Office 2007 (sic)

Scott Rixon Scott at Green-Flag.com
Thu Dec 18 18:53:00 UTC 2008

That's priceless.. I would have ask if they could install it for me if I
bought it!! :)

On Wed, 2008-12-17 at 12:44 +0000, Ian Park wrote:
> I just had to give this one more visibility, though it doesn't surprise 
> me in the slightest!
> I'm thinking of upgrading from my Asus Eee 700 (which I've already 
> upgraded to 1GB RAM and an extra 4GB of flash, to give a total of 8GB) 
> to an Acer Aspire One - the Asus is nice, but the screen is rather small 
> and the keyboard is *definitely* not so good as that on my Psion 
> Netbook. Having read some favourable reviews, I went into the local 
> Currys.digital to see if I could try out the keyboard of the Acer. I 
> found a couple there (both with Linux installed), and the keyboard is 
> definitely an improvement on the Asus - bigger area, so bigger keys, and 
> more keyboard travel. It's about as good as my Psion...
> However I had to smile at what was printed on the two pieces of paper 
> hung on each one - one proclaimed that the machine has a "LINUX 
> OPPERATING SYSTEM" (SIC); this was obviously locally printed. The other 
> offered Norton 360 and Office 2007 for ?78.29 if they were bought with 
> that machine. How to waste money...
> Ian

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