[sclug] Headphone socket on laptop

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Sun Jan 20 03:10:51 UTC 2008

hmmm, asoundconf (sorry for typo) not showing any cards doesn't sound 
good, but you say you are getting sound from the internal speakers? strange

The intel HDA driver is a multi level affair, it can pretty much always 
find the basics, but needs a pin config to do advanced stuff. The fact 
yours is showing up as "generic" probably means the version of ALSA you 
are running doesn't have and exact pin config for your board so it's 
using a basic pin config based on reference docs not real world reports 
what HP are sending out (they seem to change this stuff every board 
revision for some unknown reason). Try upgrading/looking at the 
source/searching there mail archive to see if your boards id has been 
added/updated. Once you have a full pin config you will be able to see 
all the switchs, the driver supports every feature of the chipset, it 
just doesn't know every OEM's implementation of it.


John Stumbles wrote:
> Tom Carbert-Allen wrote:
>> I have also used asoundconfig to find even more faders and switchs in 
>> the driver. I found on the newer mac mini's the sound was muted by 
>> default in linux, despite everything being 100% in alsamixer. 
> asoundconf (not config) list just says
> Names of available sound cards:
> (then nothing)
> alsamixer reports
> Card: HDA Intel
> Chip: Generic 14f1 ID 5045
> dunno what that means...

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