[sclug] Cheap'n'nasty Tesco Linux machines

Simon Champion simon at spudley.com
Fri Mar 14 14:53:55 UTC 2008

Hmm, interesting website.

*adds bookmark*

You state that the prices are usually ?80-100. The example you gave is ?699, of which they have 8 units. Does that mean that the ?699 is the price for the complete set -- ie they're selling them as a job lot for ?699, rather than ?699 for each unit?

If so, I'll definitely have to study the site a bit more, but it really isn't clear on the site that's what they mean.

Thanks for the link.  :-)

   Simon C.

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You wrote:
> These box are still way more expensive than refurbished ex-corporate ones.
> I regularly buy DELL/HP 2.5+Ghz, 1gb DDR ram, 80GB, by the pallet load
> from RDC. They usally cost ?80-100 each, are less than a year old and
> normally come with a WinXP Pro sticker on the side (for those clients
> who desire such nonsense)
> http://www.rdc-shop.co.uk/shops/main.php?sh=3D2
> Top hit is
> Ref:47117
> 8 of Dell Optiplex GX280 DHS Pentium 4 2800Mhz 512Mb Ram, 38.1Gb HDD,
> CDROM Drive, FDD, O/B ethernet, SoundOnBoard, 8 x USB Port, Win XP/P
> COA, DeskTop, Black
> ?699.99  Inc. p&p & VAT

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