[sclug] Cheap'n'nasty Tesco Linux machines

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Fri Mar 14 15:21:30 UTC 2008


They are a trade sales place that specialist in minimum of 2 machines in 
a pack so yes the one I linked to is 8 machines for ?699 inc VAT and 
p&p. They normally come in plain brown boxs with no cables or 
keyboards/mice etc. Perfect for a straight upgrade when you already have 
all the bits and bobs. They also sell the cable kits, but I find them 
cheaper at ebuyer.com. But if you want bulk stuff they often do 100 
optical mice for ?99 etc, just phone them up and ask about that kind of 

http://www.rdc-shop.co.uk/shops/trade/  < there are also larger deals 
here, and they do a mailing list too where you get the best deals (that 
normally sell within a few hours of the mail going out to eager people 
like me)

In the past I have also picked up great deals on Thinkpads, including 
the one I am typing on now, which incidently is a P3 1Ghz with 512mb ram 
and runs Ubuntu perfectly fast enough for my bedside machine, and it 
only cost ?60 as part of a pack of 5.


It says on there site they are TRADE sales, not consumer, which means:

You aren't covered by distance selling regs, eg they can charge a 
re-stocking fee LEGALLY if you return working parts to them. But they 
must refund or replace faulty parts as normal.

They also don't do support for people who don't know what they are 
talking about. EG if you phone them up and say "my screens gone black, 
what do I do?" they will politely tell you that you should have gone to 
PC world. They will however be very helpful if you phone them up to 
report a DOA with a known good power source.


Simon Champion wrote:
> Hmm, interesting website.
> *adds bookmark*
> You state that the prices are usually ?80-100. The example you gave is ?699, of which they have 8 units. Does that mean that the ?699 is the price for the complete set -- ie they're selling them as a job lot for ?699, rather than ?699 for each unit?
> If so, I'll definitely have to study the site a bit more, but it really isn't clear on the site that's what they mean.
> Thanks for the link.  :-)
>    Simon C.

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