[sclug] Belkin Wireless, NTL & ClarkConnect 4.2

Phillip Chandler phillip.chandler at ntlworld.com
Sat May 17 19:58:02 UTC 2008

The basic setup

I have an NTL cable broadband modem plugged into a dedicated
Clarkconnect 4.2 firewall.
NTL issue their IP address dynamically (81.xx.xxx.xx etc). The CC Box is
setup with an IP address of and Ive setup a LAN side range
of addresses -to- So then there is a 4 port
Hub on the LAN side as well so the machines can connect.

So on sat I decided to purchase myself a Belkin 54g Wireless router
(F5D7230-4). I connected it to the modem, fired up the lappy & ubuntu
7.10, connected to the wireless via browser & IP, started
changing stuff like setting password SSID & encryption etc. But I cant
seem to connect to the internet & download emails, either wireless or
wired. I reset the router and still no luck.

I reconnected to the CC Box and googled the problem and found someone
who suggested that the belkin wireless IP address be setup on its DMZ to
bypass its own firewall ??? Would this work ?

Plus Im hoping to maybe change the hub on my LAN for the wireless
router, so Id have cable > CC Firewall > Wireless Router > Machines.

I have one dedicated PC which needs to be wired. But I have my own lappy
and my partners and Id like both to enjoy the wireless revolution, but
still want everything to go through the CC Box. Im assuming Id have to
have the CC Box not issue the dynamic ip address range, just point to
the wireless router IP of, as the wireless also has four
wired ports and would issue dynamic ip's itself.

If this plan seems workable by you chaps, would you know how to have the
CC Box see the wireless router ? Or would I have to configure the belkin
to see as the gateway ? I saw one screen with subnet &
default gateway, but this was if you had your own static IP address from
your ISP ? So not quite sure how to make this work.


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