[sclug] Belkin Wireless, NTL & ClarkConnect 4.2

Leon Ward seclists at rm-rf.co.uk
Sun May 18 12:13:46 UTC 2008


On 17 May 2008, at 20:58, Phillip Chandler wrote:

> The basic setup
> I have an NTL cable broadband modem plugged into a dedicated
> Clarkconnect 4.2 firewall.
> NTL issue their IP address dynamically (81.xx.xxx.xx etc). The CC  
> Box is
> setup with an IP address of and Ive setup a LAN side range
> of addresses -to- So then there is a 4 port
> Hub on the LAN side as well so the machines can connect.
> So on sat I decided to purchase myself a Belkin 54g Wireless router
> (F5D7230-4). I connected it to the modem, fired up the lappy & ubuntu
> 7.10, connected to the wireless via browser & IP, started
> changing stuff like setting password SSID & encryption etc. But I cant
> seem to connect to the internet & download emails, either wireless or
> wired. I reset the router and still no luck.

If you change the device that is plugged into the NTL modem, you need  
to kill the power to the modem for a while.
The modem stores the MAC of the device that connects to it, if you  
don't power it down your new router won't receive an IP from NTL.

> I reconnected to the CC Box and googled the problem and found someone
> who suggested that the belkin wireless IP address be setup on its  
> DMZ to
> bypass its own firewall ??? Would this work ?

Eh? Sorry I don't follow this. I assume the perfect solution would to  
replace the big old PC based firewall with your new little low-power  
wifi router/firewall.

> Plus Im hoping to maybe change the hub on my LAN for the wireless
> router, so Id have cable > CC Firewall > Wireless Router > Machines.

Is there a reason you need to keep the CC Firewall?

NTL -> Firewall/Router/WIFI AP/Switch -> Machines : Sounds a better  
more clean solution for home use.

> I have one dedicated PC which needs to be wired. But I have my own  
> lappy
> and my partners and Id like both to enjoy the wireless revolution, but
> still want everything to go through the CC Box. Im assuming Id have to
> have the CC Box not issue the dynamic ip address range, just point to
> the wireless router IP of, as the wireless also has four
> wired ports and would issue dynamic ip's itself.
> If this plan seems workable by you chaps, would you know how to have  
> the
> CC Box see the wireless router ? Or would I have to configure the  
> belkin
> to see as the gateway ? I saw one screen with subnet &
> default gateway, but this was if you had your own static IP address  
> from
> your ISP ? So not quite sure how to make this work.
> Thanks
> Phillip


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