[sclug] Belkin Wireless, NTL & ClarkConnect 4.2

Phillip Chandler phillip.chandler at ntlworld.com
Sun May 18 17:11:20 UTC 2008

Does this work the same for NTL Cable, as NTL isnt ADSL or DSL ? This is
probably a daft question, and Ive more-than-likely made myself look
silly, but I had to ask. NTL is fibre optic (I think)

On Sun, 2008-05-18 at 17:06 +0000, Ed Davies wrote:
> Phillip Chandler wrote:
> > ...
> > Plus Im hoping to maybe change the hub on my LAN for the wireless
> > router, so Id have cable > CC Firewall > Wireless Router > Machines.
> Why not go straight to this setup and not mess around with
> getting the wireless router to talk to the modem?
> I have a setup a bit like this.  Connecting to the telephone
> ADSL splitter is a D-Link DG834 ADSL modem wireless/wired
> router.  Its WAN side IP address is actually static but is
> set dynamically over DHCP by my ISP to some 213.bits address.
> Its LAN IP address is
> I sometimes turn on the wireless and connect to it wirelessly
> using the DHCP pool addresses to 229.
> It has four ports but the only wired connection to it is
> from an SMC Barricade four port router.  That has a "WAN"
> IP address of to talk to the D-Link and a
> LAN IP address of  My desktop (which I
> don't use much) and my laptop (which I use most of the
> time) are plugged into the LAN ports on the Barricade.
> The Barricades DHCP pool is to 199 but I
> actually set my laptop and desktop machine's IP addresses
> statically.
> Well, sort of: the laptop at least uses DHCP but I've
> set the Barricade to always allocate it, based on its
> MAC address,  This way I can use a static
> /etc/hosts file but leave my laptop flexible if I ever
> plug it into somebody else's LAN.  The desktop is
> when its running XP and .6 when its running
> Linux.  Can't remember if these are both static or if one
> is set from the router via the MAC address.  Other
> numbers used to belong to now defunct machines.
> The reasons for the two routers:
> 1. The Barricade has a serial port and I can plug a
> modem in for dial up - handy in emergency when my DSL
> is being flaky (hasn't happened for a while, touch
> wood).
> 2. The Barricade has a parallel port for printer
> sharing.
> 3. The WiFi stuff is kept away from the wired stuff -
> I only let SSH through which should be pretty secure
> (if Debian developers didn't just arbitrarily delete
> lines of code which didn't look pretty).
> 4. It's an additional firewall - it takes two bugs
> to break.
> Ed.

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