[sclug] Belkin Wireless, NTL & ClarkConnect 4.2

Ed Davies sclug at edavies.nildram.co.uk
Sun May 18 17:06:16 UTC 2008

Phillip Chandler wrote:
> ...
> Plus Im hoping to maybe change the hub on my LAN for the wireless
> router, so Id have cable > CC Firewall > Wireless Router > Machines.

Why not go straight to this setup and not mess around with
getting the wireless router to talk to the modem?

I have a setup a bit like this.  Connecting to the telephone
ADSL splitter is a D-Link DG834 ADSL modem wireless/wired
router.  Its WAN side IP address is actually static but is
set dynamically over DHCP by my ISP to some 213.bits address.
Its LAN IP address is

I sometimes turn on the wireless and connect to it wirelessly
using the DHCP pool addresses to 229.

It has four ports but the only wired connection to it is
from an SMC Barricade four port router.  That has a "WAN"
IP address of to talk to the D-Link and a
LAN IP address of  My desktop (which I
don't use much) and my laptop (which I use most of the
time) are plugged into the LAN ports on the Barricade.
The Barricades DHCP pool is to 199 but I
actually set my laptop and desktop machine's IP addresses

Well, sort of: the laptop at least uses DHCP but I've
set the Barricade to always allocate it, based on its
MAC address,  This way I can use a static
/etc/hosts file but leave my laptop flexible if I ever
plug it into somebody else's LAN.  The desktop is when its running XP and .6 when its running
Linux.  Can't remember if these are both static or if one
is set from the router via the MAC address.  Other
numbers used to belong to now defunct machines.

The reasons for the two routers:

1. The Barricade has a serial port and I can plug a
modem in for dial up - handy in emergency when my DSL
is being flaky (hasn't happened for a while, touch

2. The Barricade has a parallel port for printer

3. The WiFi stuff is kept away from the wired stuff -
I only let SSH through which should be pretty secure
(if Debian developers didn't just arbitrarily delete
lines of code which didn't look pretty).

4. It's an additional firewall - it takes two bugs
to break.


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