[sclug] A good supplier of computer bits

Ian Park ian at chalmers-park.name
Wed May 21 16:29:09 UTC 2008

I've had reason lately to use dabs.com a couple of times: the first was 
for a replacement optical drive for my wife's laptop - Dabs had a DVD 
writer at a very reasonable price, and delivery was quick. The second 
was for a memory expansion for my laptop - I swapped out two 2 x 512MB 
modules for 2 x 1024MB. Again the price was good, and delivery quick. 
However I found that the modules were faulty - both Windoze and Ubuntu 
threw wobblies, and when I ran memtest from the Ubuntu CD it threw up 
huge numbers of errors.

I went to the Dabs web site, got an RMA number with no hassle, *and* a 
postage paid label to send the faulty memory back to them. This eas last 
Thursday; I took the package to the Post Office and sent it off, on 
Friday I had an email to let me know the replacement had been 
despatched, and on Saturday the replacement memory arrived, I'd 
installed it in my laptop (let memtest grind away for a few hours with 
no errors) and it was flying again, within 48 hours of asking for the 
RMA. That's service I'd find hard to beat!

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