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alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed May 21 18:32:14 UTC 2008

Ian Park wrote:
> I've had reason lately to use dabs.com a couple of times: the first was 
> for a replacement optical drive for my wife's laptop - Dabs had a DVD 
> writer at a very reasonable price, and delivery was quick. The second 
> was for a memory expansion for my laptop - I swapped out two 2 x 512MB 
> modules for 2 x 1024MB. Again the price was good, and delivery quick. 
> However I found that the modules were faulty - both Windoze and Ubuntu 
> threw wobblies, and when I ran memtest from the Ubuntu CD it threw up 
> huge numbers of errors.
> I went to the Dabs web site, got an RMA number with no hassle, *and* a 
> postage paid label to send the faulty memory back to them. This eas last 
> Thursday; I took the package to the Post Office and sent it off, on 
> Friday I had an email to let me know the replacement had been 
> despatched, and on Saturday the replacement memory arrived, I'd 
> installed it in my laptop (let memtest grind away for a few hours with 
> no errors) and it was flying again, within 48 hours of asking for the 
> RMA. That's service I'd find hard to beat!

I have been using Dabs for some years now and have always be more than 
happy to return. One time I bought a 'compatible' printer cartridge of 
a type which was not compatible (visibly different contacts anyway, 
and did not work for me either) I  RMA'ed it and although they said 
they tested it and they thought it worked, they refunded in good faith.

I found that as long as you can actually follow their computerised 
admin systems things go ok. But outside that expect it to get tricky.
Even so, they now have a human on live Chat and I know a friend has 
used it for an order problem, and it worked out fine. I am still 

BTW - Novatech Reading:
This a is a new-ish computer store with a good online presence. I was 
alerted recently to the fact that they are one of the few UK suppliers 
who advertise and price a computer system *without* and with a 
(windows) operating system.

I needed a new system recently and used novatech for a no OS system. I 
thought the price was good. They build with a strong bias towards a 
standard fit, including memory, so there is not any easy mix and 
match, but I was happy to support a seller who regularly puts the 
windows price up front and visible. I also made sure to tell them it 
was the 'No OS' option which took me there.

They do not knowingly support (linux) - I installed ubuntu. The 
assistant I talked to thought that his collegues were all ordinary 
windows users, not linux etc.(note 1)

I had a problem with the integrated on board (MSI nvidia intel) high 
definition sound drivers, although the front panel audio worked, not 
the rear.  The forums advisor was not anti linux and helped a lot by 
pointing towards a various drivers and specs sites, also that another 
distro was ok with the drivers.

I will certainly use Novatech again, it is a pleasure to see them 
apparently doing good business without a heavy M$ hook.

Note 1:
Wouldn't it be good to arrange with them to receive a linux demo one 
day? Any one also interested to help?
alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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