[sclug] mail setup: getmail, dovecot - and exim?

John Stumbles john at stumbles.org.uk
Fri May 30 18:15:18 UTC 2008

Simon Huggins wrote:

> You might prefer:
> 	* getting getmail to do it (and running it as some user that can
> 	  write to whever you configure dovecot to point at) using its
> 	  MultiGuesser thing.

yup, after much RTFMing and rubbing two grey cells together I found that 
I could do this - as long as I run getmail as root (<shiver>).

> 	* getting your ISP to provide one mailbox per local user
I could set that up but I prefer to filter at this end.

> If you don't do the latter then consider what happens to mails that are
> Bcc'd to a user at your domain; how do you work out who it's for?  Does
> your ISP add a suitable header?  Also mails that are Cc'd to more than
> local user; if it only ends up in one mailbox at your ISP you'll
> probably only get one copy from your ISP.

That seems to be what happens, and multiguesser seems to do the Right 
Thing and deliver copies to each local user mentioned in Delivered-To or 
whatever. (At first I thought my email host was doing real multidrop but 
although it adds an Envelope-to it puts *all* recipients in it :-(.)

So, so far I've got most of what I want working (i.e. SWMBO's email is 
OK) and still haven't needed to avail myself of the opportunity of 
learning about Exim :-) All I need for 10 bonus points is to get dovecot 
to serve up my /var/spool/mail as well as ~/Maildir ... know anything 
dovecot configs and about namespaces?

John Stumbles

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