[sclug] Student Placement Year Opportunity

Alan Pearson alandpearson at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 11:26:17 UTC 2008

Hey guys

Another job posting, this time for gap year student.
Please note, you'll only be considered for this role with the full  
backing of your college / university.

If you feel you have the skills for this, please send you CV directly  
to myself, with background about yourself & your course.

The position is based in Stockley Park (near heathrow) and occasional  
travel to South Wales, so own transport is essential.

Site Reliability Engineer (a.k.a. IT Ninja)
The IT team is looking to recruit an intelligent, dedicated and  
ambitious Operations Engineer. This is a unique opportunity to be on a  
small team where we all pull our own weight and everyone makes a  
difference. Other jobs promise the opportunity to learn a lot and make  
a difference, this opportunity promises you will learn a lot and you  
will make a difference.

As with all operations jobs, this isn't for the shy. You arrive first  
after catastrophic failures; you fix broken things under pressure; you  
develop new services; you get to be a hero.

You will be playing with small toys, enormous toys and hundreds of  
different technologies. From your run-of-the-mill web servers to Cisco  
firewalls & routers, shaping Internet links to Asterisk phone switches  
to building Linux VMs; the fun just doesn't stop.
This job is not for the faint of heart. This is hard. This is  
opportunity. You make a difference every day. You will grow in this  
position like in no other position. If you don't grow, you'll fail.  
Think of it like any other fun and challenging job you've had -- now  
remove the margin for error.
		Collaborate on a tightly-knit IT team to select and implement  
technology solutions for a variety of business and technical problems.
		Develop thorough monitors (both systemic and business) for  
production services.
		Author detailed operations documentation.
		Compile open source applications and build packages for the platform  
du jour.
		Troubleshoot application failures.
		Manage systems and network change control.
		Work with developers and other engineers to improve the design and  
implementation of their work product to improve robustness,  
reliability and scalability.
		Administration knowledge at least one of: Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris.
		Familiarity with compiling open source applications like Apache,  
PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, FreeBSD, perl, etc.
		Scripting in at least 2 languages (perl, shell, etc)
		Familiarity with a packaging tool (rpm or svr4) is a plus.
		Fluency working in a UNIX/UNIX-like environment. (ssh, sh, tar,  
find, grep, etc.)
		Familiarity with the Asterisk telephony project.
		Windows desktop support (don't worry it's only a small part of the  
		Fluency in IPv4 networking.
	An intolerance for not learning something new every day.


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