[sclug] PHP IDE?

David Newcomb david.newcomb at bigsoft.co.uk
Mon Oct 6 09:38:55 UTC 2008

I use Eclipse/PHP which can be downloaded from:


One of the really handy features is remote debug. With a bit
of tweaking you can run your debugger against your web server
remotely, add break points and inspect variables. Just like
a normal debugger!


On Tue, 30 Sep 2008 Matthew Cox <spudgun79 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've dabbled in programming for fun using various languages for quite a few
> years now.  However most of my dabbling has been done on Windows until last
> year when I decided to give Linux a 'proper' go.  I wished I'd have done it
> sooner, though I still dual-boot Windows for some work stuff.  I've tried a
> few distros but always find myself coming back to Ubuntu because of the
> great hardware support (wireless mainly) which I have found a little lacking
> in the others I have tried so far.
> The latest language I've been having a go at is PHP, which I quite like
> despite some little quirks and put together a simple calendar/planner app
> for some friends as a starter project.  I was initally using Quanta Plus as
> an IDE, however I found the upload functionality very buggy (I was only
> using the local /var/www though) and wouldn't necessarily copy the modified
> files across which made things really confusing at times.  As a result I
> started using Gedit which was fine, but now I want to start a more complex
> project and was wondering if anyone had any advice on an IDE which would be
> good for this.
> I've read magazine articles that mention the likes of Eclipse, Zend
> (although thats a bit pricey) and indeed Quanta, but would appreciate any
> opinions.
> Thanks.
> Matt.

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