[sclug] Post: See you later Linux

Sean Furey sean-lists-sclug at furey.me.uk
Fri Sep 26 21:53:56 UTC 2008

Hi Mayuresh,

Use whatever works for you.  I've just made the opposite move in work a
few weeks ago, after somebody ported our code to Linux, and I've been
delighted.  Each to his own.

The only comment I'll really make about the post is in response to this:

> After all, the techie crowd was never Linux's target audience!


Have you read Linus' post[1] to comp.os.minix announcing Linux?  Does
"Do you pine for the nice days of minix-1.1, when men were men and wrote
their own device drivers?" sound like targeting non-techies?


[1] http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=1991Oct5.054106.4647 at klaava.Helsinki.FI

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