[sclug] Post: See you later Linux

Sean Furey sean-lists-sclug at furey.me.uk
Fri Sep 26 22:16:41 UTC 2008

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 11:04:40PM +0100, mskadu at gmail.com wrote:
> > > After all, the techie crowd was never Linux's target audience!
> >
> >*really*?
> >
> > Have you read Linus' post[1] to comp.os.minix announcing Linux?  Does
> > "Do you pine for the nice days of minix-1.1, when men were men and wrote
> > their own device drivers?" sound like targeting non-techies?
> >
> Nice try ;-)

Nice try?  I wasn't trying anything, I was genuinely surprised to read
that line.  Well, more amused than surprised, to be honest.

> But arent LUG members encouraged to distribute live-cds to just about
> anyone? Also, Isnt pushing adoption to the non-techie user one of it's
> advocates key objectives?

Eh?  To me the LUG provides a pleasant evening every month chatting to
people who share a common interest.  It also provides a mailing list for
questions, and an IRC channel with some banter.  If I've signed up for
evangelisation that must have been in the small print.  Pushing?  Is
this a drug we're talking about?

I use Linux because I like it and it works better for me than the
alternatives.  It'd be nice if some day it reaches the point that I'll
recommend it to my mum, but IMO it's not there yet.  And even if it does
get there, I'll be mentioning it as a suggestion, not pushing it.


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