[sclug] Post: See you later Linux

Luke Hinds lukehinds at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 09:20:26 UTC 2008

> > On Fri, 26 Sep 2008 22:34:51 +0100, mskadu at gmail.com said:> >
> > > > I thought I'd share my recent blog post on Linux with the group.
> > >
I have no experience of trying to install Linux on a Sony, but I understand
your frustration, but would point out that it is not so much Linux at fault
its the hardware manufactorers not opening their Proprietary source (in fact
sharing it with only org, that being Mircrosoft).  So the real reason for
your troubles (and the relative ease of using XP) is simply down to a
aggressive monopoly of one company in the 'pc' market.

However....I myself am using a Win XP laptop at work recently for two main

1. I am having to use some Proprietary specialist software which I highly
doubt will ever be ported to Linux (SIM card applet loading).

2.  Working for a company who have got quite a bad MS Exchange
infrastructure habit.

Point 2 can be worked round with O Office to a point, its the MAPI Mail,
Calender stuff which I struggle without (OWA via Evolution falls short once
I am out of the office). Outlook under crossover is to unstable.

However openchange.org are coming on leaps and bounds with there MAPI
plugin, as soon as its a few steps out of its beta state and I change
jobs....I will moving back to soley using Linux.

Why - I do happen to like XP, but can't handle the instabilty and I miss
being able to write  shell scripts to do everything :)

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