[sclug] PHP IDE?

Matthew Cox spudgun79 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 22:02:07 UTC 2008

I've dabbled in programming for fun using various languages for quite a few
years now.  However most of my dabbling has been done on Windows until last
year when I decided to give Linux a 'proper' go.  I wished I'd have done it
sooner, though I still dual-boot Windows for some work stuff.  I've tried a
few distros but always find myself coming back to Ubuntu because of the
great hardware support (wireless mainly) which I have found a little lacking
in the others I have tried so far.

The latest language I've been having a go at is PHP, which I quite like
despite some little quirks and put together a simple calendar/planner app
for some friends as a starter project.  I was initally using Quanta Plus as
an IDE, however I found the upload functionality very buggy (I was only
using the local /var/www though) and wouldn't necessarily copy the modified
files across which made things really confusing at times.  As a result I
started using Gedit which was fine, but now I want to start a more complex
project and was wondering if anyone had any advice on an IDE which would be
good for this.

I've read magazine articles that mention the likes of Eclipse, Zend
(although thats a bit pricey) and indeed Quanta, but would appreciate any



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