[sclug] Talktalk in Scotland?

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 29 20:09:36 UTC 2009

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> Subject: [sclug] Phone/broadband recommendations?
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> Not *quite* a Linux question, but people here are bound to know the
> answer...
> ...
> Can anyone suggest any suitable providers I should go and look at? Could
> he get line rental through the third-party provider, or will that still
> need to go through BT? Would a third-party provider still let him use
> his cut-rate long-distance service to Australia? Is it actually *worth*
> getting a combined broadband and telephone bundle?
> All comments gratefully appreciated!

Well, apart from my current intermitent connection problem (see this forum
for further details) I can't fault TalkTalk. Customer service is the usual
dismal big-company standard (I'm an ex-NTL veteran so I can take just about
anything without flinching) and they do permit 'rerouted' long distance
calls. I use TeleDiscount myself without trouble. I once had one of those
rerouting 'black boxes' in series on my phone socket for international calls
and that worked too. Tinternet gives me between 2.5 - 4.6 MBps, so I'm not

For tinternet they are not the best perhaps, but as an all round bundled
package they are pretty good value for money, I think. Can't comment what
they will be like in the wilds of Scotland - it will probably depend on the
line to a large extent.

Talktalk take ownership of the line, which may be a good or a bad thing, but
it does mean that if you decide to chuck them and move 'back' to a BT line
it may cost you. Possibly.



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