[sclug] Flogging stuff.

Andrew Nelis andrew.nelis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 09:14:45 UTC 2009

I hope noone minds if I try and offload some stuff here, it's
generally less hastle than ebay these days...

1) Sony DSM-S71 17" TFT LCD flatscreen monitor (
http://nelis.cc/wsgi/wiki/sony_dsm71.gif ). VGA input, has a single
dead pixel. ~ ?30

2) A JVC mini system ( http://nelis.cc/wsgi/wiki/jvc-ux-a52r.jpg -
it's deeper than the image makes it look). Radio, (*cough*) Casette
and CD player. ~ ?10

Both working and in the original boxes.

Winner collects from a secret location in Spencers Wood. Or possibly I
can drop things if it's not too far off the beaten track.



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