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alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sun Sep 13 16:53:07 UTC 2009

Neil Haughton wrote:
>> There seem to be all sorts on the list that don't and the meets are good
>> fun.  It'd be good to see even more people there to see just how much of
>> the pub we can take over :)
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> Interesting point. I've been to a couple of meets, but the trouble was that
> it was so noisy in the pub that I had to shout to communicate with person
> next to me, and the rest of the conversation down the longish table was
> completely lost to me. Tried it twice and disappointed, gave up.

A long time ago, I went to my first sclug meet. I was embarrassed and
not confident. Unfortunately, after I arrived, I could not see any
sign of linux symbols in any way, and being new, I did not recognise
anyone. I did not meet up with any group although of course as in any
pub there were a number of obvious groups present. I went home feeling
downhearted and foolish.

I did return another month and I was able to make contact with lug
attenders, and had a meal (very enjoyable) and a bit of chat.
Unfortunately, the pub environment was impossibly noisy for me, most
particularly when information content was/is required in speech, like
unfamiliar names and topics. But ok for talking low information
content such as weather or parking.

>From Bracknell I have a car journey, so I would avoid alcohol, and
iirc parking is not always easy near the pub, which is a worry for me
because I am not used to the Reading locale.

I am aware that some (non attending?) members may have reasons,
perhaps religious, to feel more uncomfortable in a pub environment
even than I do, it might be worth keeping an open mind about this.

After all said, I am deeply indebted to SCLUG because some years ago,
I learned about and attended an install fest at the university campus,
and somebody who (to my eyes then) used what seemed like superhuaman
skills to install mandrake onto an old P1 with an S3 graphics chip for
me, I was very impressed and very grateful. Although I did not make
much use of that machine at the time, the event was a crucial and very
positive landmark in my linux experience.

If any install fests can be held would certainly want to assist.

I now am a committed Linux (Ubuntu) user, and energetic advocate of
floss, and I give talks to clubs and I run a monthly Infopoint display
table (non trading basis) at the Bracknell Computer Fair, with
appreciation of the generosity of the organisers.

BTW - SFD event:
I have a Software Freedom Day event in Bracknell town centre
(bandstand) on Saturday sept 19th. If you are around, please say
hello, or even help to hand out leaflets!
alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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