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John Stumbles sclug at yaph.org.uk
Sun Sep 13 19:27:18 UTC 2009

alan c wrote:
> Neil Haughton wrote:
>>> There seem to be all sorts on the list that don't and the meets are good
>>> fun.  It'd be good to see even more people there to see just how much of
>>> the pub we can take over :)

>> Interesting point. I've been to a couple of meets, but the trouble was that
>> it was so noisy in the pub that I had to shout to communicate with person
>> next to me, and the rest of the conversation down the longish table was
>> completely lost to me. Tried it twice and disappointed, gave up.
> A long time ago, I went to my first sclug meet. I was embarrassed and
> not confident. Unfortunately, after I arrived, I could not see any
> sign of linux symbols in any way, and being new, I did not recognise
> anyone. I did not meet up with any group although of course as in any
> pub there were a number of obvious groups present. I went home feeling
> downhearted and foolish.
> I did return another month and I was able to make contact with lug
> attenders, and had a meal (very enjoyable) and a bit of chat.
> Unfortunately, the pub environment was impossibly noisy for me, most
> particularly when information content was/is required in speech, like
> unfamiliar names and topics. But ok for talking low information
> content such as weather or parking.

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There's another one-evening-a-month group I go to which meets at Global 
Cafe (RISC) in London St (runs between Queens Rd/IDR and London Road). 
It's quiet enough for a small group to talk and hear each other (though 
they sometimes have live music on - that's usually later in the week but 
occasionally on Wednesdays). The atmosphere is friendly with people of 
all ages & types. They have a real Czech(sp?) budwar on draught, various 
bottled beers, ciders & wines, proper coffee & teas and food 
(veggie/organic/wholefood). And I think they have wifi (don't use it 
myself: my ubuntu lappy has enough trouble doing wired, I haven't even 
bothered trying to persuade wireless to fly for months :-()

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