[sclug] Meets

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Tue Sep 15 08:59:14 UTC 2009

David Given wrote:
> John Stumbles wrote:
> [...]
>> There's another one-evening-a-month group I go to which meets at Global
>> Cafe (RISC) in London St (runs between Queens Rd/IDR and London Road).
> I've had lunch there on a number of occasions. It's got excellent and
> reasonably priced Ethiopian food (meat and two veg *with attitude*), and
> the wireless connection works beautifully. It does have the kind of
> slightly-sticky-table hippie bar vibe to it that more stylish bars try
> to aim for and fail, but I consider that to be a good thing.
> Never been there in the evening.
Best place in Reading I think. They sell the strongest cider in Reading, 
but strangely it's not full of fights and people being sick even when we 
do a rave night until 1am. A place for people with a little more class 
than the rest of town centre I think!
Done many music nights down there with my sound system, both upstairs 
and down in the cafe until 1-2am in the past and had a great time. The 
people that work there are now all good friends of mine (in fact one of 
them is building a wall for me right now)
As someone else mentioned, the music nights sometimes come un-expected 
to the quiet daytime guests who stay into the evening without realising 
what is planned. Some of them get really funny about it and say  we 
ruined there evening. Never really understood that myself. It's a 
multi-purpose venue frequented by all sectors, just wish they could all 
be a bit more understanding of each other. (same goes the other round 
when a band comes in during the day and swear in ear shot of other 
people who don't appreciate it and don't understand why this is a problem)


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