[sclug] Meets

Tom Carbert-Allen tom at randominter.net
Tue Sep 15 09:17:37 UTC 2009

Personally I love the current meet up, it's very informal and a good 
drinking session, a great wind down from the stress of work. Although, 
as with LUG radio (RIP) it is a bit of a Ubuntu users fan club rather 
than a technical group.

I also think there is also a place for a more technical meeting. Have 
been to other LUG's in meeting rooms (shock, no bar in sight) with 
presentations and planned discussion topics and learnt a lot there. But 
these tend to be connected to groups who are regular contributors to the 
projects rather than users. I even did a 10 min presentation on using 
iptables for load balancing web servers a couple of years ago, and 
really enjoyed the Q and A afterwards were I feel I learnt as much as I 
offered, so everyone walked away a winner.

I suppose the question is, is there any other people in SCLUG interested 
in this? Anyone who is contributing to open source projects currently 
and would like to do a presentation and get feedback from the rest of 
the group and maybe sign up some more of us to join your project?

I am more than happy to do semi formal workshops on server side 
components. Load balance, clustering, fail over, replication, upgrading 
applications without down time, SAN/NAS etc if anyone is interested in 
learning or just discussing different approach's to these topics? Linux 
has such an amazing block layer there are so many things can be done on 
the disk and network side in the server room which other vendors will 
sell you a ten grand black box for when we already have all the pieces 
in every Linux machine!


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