[sclug] sclug Digest, Vol 80, Issue 4

Tim Sutton tim at linfiniti.com
Mon May 17 22:00:59 UTC 2010

>> Hi
>> Could you create a separate mailing list for sceptics and take this
>> traffic of the SCLUG list? Unless I am a lone voice in the wilderness
>> wondering why this stuff is landing up on this list....
>> Thanks,
>> Tim
> Wow! How unreachable is the delete button on your machine?

Its already overworked :-(

> Johns posting is a bit off topic, as far as Linux goes,
> but he is a regular attendee at the meetings,
> the sceptic meeting is similarly a pub-based-meeting in the same town,
> and many people in the SCLUG would be interested in the technology of
> gnome replication or lots of things (is there a Higgs Boson meeting
> for beginners,
> or am I stuck with wikipedia, my eyes are getting tired)
> It is sort of related to things that people do talk about at our
> 'geeks night out' meetings.
> As linux enthusiasts, there is a tiny possibility that we should 'get out more',
> and as a community support group the SCLUUG helps us get more out of each-other,
> and as a vibrant atmosphere, we need to allow people to wander off topic a bit,
> to foster open "divergent" thinking rather than closed "convergent" thinking.
> When the only answer is the right answer, it is not a new
> quest-question, it is a quiz-point.
> If only every person in our group added ONE link to activity outside,
> it would contribute to the spectrum of a community of better rounded people,
> who knew and treated each-other as individuals, with good days and bad days,
> who in turn would be better positioned, and motivated to find
> questions for Linux.
> That said, John, shuttup John.
> I dont want to hear about grumpy old men in a pub,
> finally coming to terms with evolution.

For me being a sceptic occupies the same landscape as being a
religious zealot...I mean if someone pitched up on this list to find
out about linux and all they saw was discussion about loaves and
fishes they would be somewhat confused right? Likewise if they
encounter a long diatribe on the contents of a petri dish they would
be firmly in WTF??? territory. Surely there is more than enough on
topic, Linux related, stuff to keep this list occupied without having
to wonder off topic....



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