[sclug] sclug Digest, Vol 80, Issue 4

Stuart Ward stuart.ward at bcs.org
Tue May 18 07:42:05 UTC 2010

> For me being a sceptic occupies the same landscape as being a
> religious zealot...I mean if someone pitched up on this list to find
> out about linux and all they saw was discussion about loaves and
> fishes they would be somewhat confused right? Likewise if they
> encounter a long diatribe on the contents of a petri dish they would
> be firmly in WTF??? territory. Surely there is more than enough on
> topic, Linux related, stuff to keep this list occupied without having
> to wonder off topic....
So are you the thought police keeping us all on topic. The whole point
of free software is to experiment and off topic is just a part of
that. If anything we should encourage more of topic discussions
because that is were the real innovations and ideas come from.


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