[sclug] sclug Digest, Vol 80, Issue 8

Graham Swallow lists at information-cascade.co.uk
Fri May 21 13:21:03 UTC 2010

> From: Derek M Jones <derek@

> I see that the Tory-Lib Dem deal has jumped on the
> Open Source bandwagon:
> "We will create a level playing field for opensource software and will
> enable large ICT projects to be split into smaller components."

Where is this quote - do you have a link?

If we were to take our responsibility seriously,
we should find someone who is collecting a list of where that is/not happening,
and seek to add items to that list, and review items on the list.

As an almost related example,
does the recent DRM technology and bill, build an opposition to opensource,
and does publicly funded copyright material need to be protected with
strong DRM?

Sometime the 'commercial need' for DRM, causes it to exist,
and that builds a stranglehold on channels where DRM is used,
but where there are popular channels without DRM, (legal ones)
there is not be such a monopolistic need for DRM to be applied everywhere.

Then the supplier of DRM'd material would have the commercial option,
of not putting their material on those growing channels, or doing so.

Smaller producers would have the added marketplace opportunity, or doing do,
eg channels on opensource devices, where the DRM secret keys are not available.

If you can only play Sony DVD's on a Windows box, not a Linux one,
you have less reason to buy their copy protected DVD's,
more right to demand labelling,
and less expectation of others doing the same.
An example of this is the get-iplayer.

A level playing field?


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