[sclug] Meeting and Key Signing

Steve Moore steve at betabuild.net
Fri Nov 26 00:16:52 UTC 2010

Thanks Phil,

I'd already got hold of the signing-party package and printed off the
slips. I hadn't got round to looking at the other tools but I've just
had a look at caff and it lokks to be just the job. Thanks for the tip.


Steve Moore.

On 25/11/10 23:04, Philip Hands wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Nov 2010 16:40:12 +0000, Steve Moore <steve at betabuild.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi and welcome,
>> I had some email problems earlier so I'm not sure if this got through.
>> Apologies if it did.
>> My name is Steve Moore and I am interested in attending your next
>> meeting on 8th December. I have been using Linux for several years now
>> and it would be nice to meet other Linux users.
>> I would also like to get my PGP key signed which is available from the
>> usual key servers or directly from here
>> <http://www.betabuild.net/steve.gpg.asc>. If you would like your keys
>> signed please send me your details in advance so I can verify your
>> email addresses.
> Most people who indulge in this sort of thing regularly (so, Debian
> developers, basically ;-) do the email confirmation by emailing the
> signatures in an encrypted mail to each signed address.
> caff is a nice tool for doing this, which is packaged in Debian and
> chums in the 'signing-party' package -- I think the RedHat camp have it
> in a 'pgp-tools' package.
> That being the case, all you need for key signing is government issued
> photo ID (some people only accept a passport), and some key slips that
> have the fingerprint of your key, along with email addresses you want
> signed -- so, in your case the output of:
>    gpg --fingerprint 07543718
> Cheers, Phil.

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