[sclug] Mailing lists that cc you

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Fri Sep 3 09:26:54 UTC 2010

I'm on a mailing list where the users insist on using 'reply all' to
send messages. The server is then hacked not to send me the copy of the
message when it sees that I've already received it directly.

Unfortunately this means that the messages I receive come from the
respondents directly, which means they don't have the mailing list
headers, which means that Thunderbird doesn't know they came from a
mailing list and doesn't give me the 'Reply List...' option. This means
that in order to reply I have to use 'Reply all...' and then manually
edit the recipients list, every time, which is a pain in the arse.

Does anyone know if there's an easy way to persuade Thunderbird that
such messages belong to a specific mailing list? Any attempt to persuade
people not to cc me because, like, I'm already on the list, just results
in snotty replies that 'my MUA should be able to cope'. Any suggestions
as to how I can make it cope?

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