[sclug] Mailing lists that cc you

Neil Brown neil at neilzone.co.uk
Fri Sep 3 09:49:20 UTC 2010

Quoting David Given <dg at cowlark.com>:

> Does anyone know if there's an easy way to persuade Thunderbird that
> such messages belong to a specific mailing list?

Since the message is coming directly to you, it does not belong to a  
list, based on sender. However, you could automatically check whether  
the list was another recipient, and filter on that basis?

Perhaps a better overall solution, you could see if the server could  
automatically prepend an identifier to the subject line to indicate  
list origin? (Like this list!)

Once a thread has been established (i.e. from second posting onwards),  
provided that the subject line remains intact, you could see if you  
could create a rule to check if the subject line was one which has  
already had the list as a recipient or sender, and then filter all  
messages with that subject line accordingly?

However, since I've switched across to using Mail.app on Mac OSX  
recently, I've not got Thunderbird in front of me to know if this is  
possible within Thunderbird. You might be able to run a receipient  
client on a server of your own to do some sorting and filtering for  
you, though, pushing the results to an IMAP server and then just  
access the sorted results via Thunderbird?



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