[sclug] Fwd: Linking an XP box and Debian box via router

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 2 08:43:33 UTC 2011

Actually cancel that - I have got shares working in both directions, so
mission accomplished.

Thanks for the pointers (even if the problem more or less resolved itself!)


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From: Neil Haughton <haughtonomous at googlemail.com>
Date: 2 July 2011 09:22
Subject: Re: [sclug] Linking an XP box and Debian box via router
To: Alex Butcher <lug at assursys.co.uk>

The submasks are all

Actually today I see I can now ping both ways (!!). Perhaps there was a
wireless drop out when I was attempting it yesterday. Who knows? Anyway it
appears that the machines can see each other.

I can also now see Windows shares from the Debian box, so that leaves the
question of what I need to do to be able to make folders on the Debian box
sharable from a WinXP box. Can someone give me some tips on what to do?



On 2 July 2011 08:25, Alex Butcher <lug at assursys.co.uk> wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Jul 2011, Neil Haughton wrote:
>  Small problem here: I have a WinXP box (wifey's) and my debian box both
>> hooked up to a router-modem, so we can both access t'internet. That bit
>> works okay.
>> Now we want to move files between them, and also allow the XP box to
>> access
>> the printer attached to my Debian box. Should be simple but it won't work.
>> I
>> can ping WinXP -> debian  but not debian -> WinXP. Nor can my Deb box see
>> shared folders on the XP box, although I have Samba installed. I have
>> checked that the router shows both machines are attached.
>> I am probably being a numpty but my hair is silver and I'm getting slow
>> :-(
>> and I have obviously missed something vital - can anyone suggest what that
>> missing link might be?
>> I ought to mention that neither box has its own firewall running - that
>> job
>> is delegated to the router.
> My money's on mismatched network masks. Double check those on both Debian
> and XP machines, and your router.
>  TIA
>> Neil.
> HTH,
> Alex

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