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Russell@mailmonkey.biz Russell
Wed Nov 2 20:24:32 UTC 2011

One of the reasons that I did not put it forward before was I figured that there would be no use for it or it would have been done.


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> On Wed, 02 Nov 2011 13:13:52 +0000, <Russell at mailmonkey.biz>
> wrote:
> >
> > I am happy to start the ball rolling as it was my idea and an idea
> I have wanted to put forward for a while.
> >
> > The reason for it is simple, I feel that there is a lot of valuable
> > information put forward on these posts which help others to
> understand
> > and solve problems.
> The mails are archived:  http://www.sclug.org.uk/pipermail/sclug/
> and that is indexed by google, so I'm not entirely sure what a forum is
> supposed to add to that -- adding a xapian based word search to the
> mailing list archive might be cute though, although one could just add a
> search box that adds site:sclug.org.uk to the search and sends it off to
> google without needing to install any software.
> > But what happens when you want to find the info at a later date
> should
> > you need it? I delete all emails after reading (well most)
> well, as mentioned searching with a site: should sort that out for you,
> although I wouldn't know as I don't delete email unless it's spam.
> I'm guessing that that's the underlying cause of people's preference for
> mailing lists vs. forums (fora?) -- people that prefer mailing lists
> have probably gone to the effort of setting up a decent mail reading
> environment (I use notmuchmail which is able to search for mails in the
> the tens of GB of mail I have and start producing results in under a
> second, generally).
> I'm probably being rather prejudiced in some way, but it also seems to
> me that one gets a better signal to noise ratio on mailing lists.
> > I find the use of forums on the internet of great help to find
> answers
> > to questions / problems
> I don't really see why the mailing list archive doesn't provide that
> opportunity as well.
> BTW if you do set up a forum, I'd suggest that you allow OpenID logins,
> so people are not forced to set up yet another user account.  (which
> reminds me, I really must work out why certifi.ca has stopped working
> for me, or switch to another OpenID provider).
> Cheers, Phil.
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