[sclug] Rooting my Android phone

Neil Haughton haughtonomous at googlemail.com
Fri May 4 12:15:46 UTC 2012

This is a sort of Linuxy question - has anyone reading this successfully
rooted a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone?

I want some advice on doing this to my own such phone, so  that I can set
it to permit apps to be  installed on the SD Card. Although it's an Adroid
feature, rather idiotically (IMHO) Samsung have chosen to block this by
default so that in spite of an almost unlimited expansion memory size
(well, whatever size SD cards are available which is at least 64GByte), you
are limited to installing what will fit on the 160Mb internal memory.
Paltry, because the phone also needs that memory to breathe.

However I'm a little nervous about attempting this without first discussing
it with someone who has already done it *on this model.*


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