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Ciaran McHale ciaran_mchale at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 26 06:33:11 UTC 2013

On Thu, 2013-07-25 at 20:05 +0100, Graham wrote:
> [In OOP, what is the inheritance relationship between a Circle and Oval?]

Some programming languages make a distinction between "type inheritance"
and "implementation inheritance". Perhaps the conceptual difficulty you
are encountering is due to the "type inheritance" and "implementation
inheritance" getting misaligned:

Circle "type inherits" Oval (because a Circle "isA" Oval)
Oval "implementation inherits" Circle (because Oval adds new data)

I once watched a video introduction to the "Go" programming language
invented at Google. I was intrigued how its designers managed to do
away with class hierarchies entirely.


I suspect the confusion between the relationship of a Circle to an
Oval will be less of an issue in Go than in, say, C++.

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