[sclug] Bracknell Gadget Fair

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Tue May 7 10:39:24 UTC 2013

On 06/05/13 21:36, Stuart Ward wrote:
> Chaps
> Need some help. Alan Cox who mans a table at the Bracknell Gadget Fair,
> promoting FOSS is away on holiday next week, and it would be good to have
> someone there to answer a few questions etc. Can anyone help.
> I will be covering the Reading Hackspace table, but can help out a bit with
> Linux questions. Mostly this is very basic questions.
> Some info here: http://www.gadgetfairs.com/sellers/95/libre-software
> http://www.gadgetfairs.com/3d-printer-demonstration-mike-beardmore-reading-hackspace
> http://www.gadgetfairs.com/

> -- Stuart Ward M +44 7782325143

Hi Stuart
Just to correct a crossed line here - I am actually attending ok as 
usual, so the FLOSS stuff is covered, (although more helpers add 
credibility for the customers - usually total novices)(like can I 
install this in Windows?)
It is Mike Beardmore who is away, and he would have hoped to bring a 
raspi and a 3D printer, so it is cover for his absence which is  going 
to be so useful.

The big value of a Reading Hackspace table (to be situated next to 
mine) is that raspi and 3D print stuff is very high profile re 
publicity, so it is good to get the benefit of this.

What can you plan to bring along?

alan cocks

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