[sclug] Pi and Android app

Graham Swallow lists at information-cascade.co.uk
Thu May 16 13:17:35 UTC 2013

((I replied to a digest - so email threading will not perfect ))

Android Tutorials can be found on YouTube
They are all irritating, but some get more done.

Qt5.1 promises Android, and the non-bleed release, is R.S.N.
But Android is really a JAVA+NON-X11-GUI+LIBS+RESOURCES platform

Pi uses X11 ? Which allows pretty much any development env (except
Android, .NET, W32), If you use Python, (a good choice if you never go
down an unused code path), you will have to pick a GUI: gtk or Tcl/Tk
or FL or FOX or Qt (X11 direct is possible, but only just). These have
their own XML RAD tools, like glade or (...) where you draw a screen,
built from components, add on_event() control function, and write less
code, with options of moving to C, with the RAD layout file much the

All scripting languages suffer the unexpected error on unused code
path problem. Python is a very fine late-binding scripting language,
with MODULE / CLASS / FUNCTION ideas at its core.

Python's biggest disadvantages, are (1) every attribute needs a
dictionary lookup, every time, and (2) that it has allowed
feature-creep in, to its core, libraries and syntax. Lots of caveats
mean that it is no longer as simple to read, as it used to be.

Python is popular with hardware module writers,
seeking a scripting platform to write a C-module for.


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