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Stuart Ward stuart.ward at bcs.org
Sat Jul 11 16:33:33 UTC 2020

Fellow LUGgers

We did discus on Wednesday that several of us were uncomfortable in
going back to the Back of Beyond. The recent release of the Neverspoons
app and trending on twitter support this stance.

I would like to gauge support for this and suggestions for an alternative.

The Outlook. Has a quite spacious downstairs that is often empty. The
toilets are downstairs only and getting there for wheelchairs is
difficult. Beer choice is generally poor in my opinion. It is also near
to the Back of Beyond.

The Belgrave Arms. Has wifi. I have generally got a reasonable pint.
Don't know about food, never eaten there. Not big, but generally quiet.

Oakford Social Club. Opposite to the station. Plenty of space, lots of
quiet nooks. Cant remember about the beer choice.

The Monks Retreat, opposite Town Hall. Was a Wetherspoon pub, now
Stonegate. Has a feel of a Spoons pub, similar beer and food.

The Ale House. Excellent Beer!! always crowded. wheelchair imposable.
Not really an option.

Somewhere else?

-- Stuart Ward +44 778 2325143

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