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Forwarding Marks comment

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Hi Stuart

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A small handful of SCLUG members are unhappy about some of Tim Martin's
recent comments.  Should we change our long established base to make a
political point?

I have read about the Neverspoons app and I agree that in the current
economic climate, it's important to support small independent
businesses.  How many small independent businesses can provide what we
enjoy at Back of Beyond:

1.  fairly open and spacious
2.  huge choice of drinks and reasonable food
3.  rarely gets too crowded
4.  no background music - so better for conversation
5.  wheelchair accessible

I suggest we consider the Maiden's Head in central Maidenhead. This
venue generally meets the criteria above.  We do have a few SCLUG
members who live or work in Maidenhead, so if we're considering changing
venue then why not consider moving our base to Maidenhead?



On 11/07/2020 17:33, Stuart Ward via Sclug wrote:
> Fellow LUGgers
> We did discus on Wednesday that several of us were uncomfortable in
> going back to the Back of Beyond. The recent release of the Neverspoons
> app and trending on twitter support this stance.
> I would like to gauge support for this and suggestions for an alternative.
> The Outlook. Has a quite spacious downstairs that is often empty. The
> toilets are downstairs only and getting there for wheelchairs is
> difficult. Beer choice is generally poor in my opinion. It is also near
> to the Back of Beyond.
> The Belgrave Arms. Has wifi. I have generally got a reasonable pint.
> Don't know about food, never eaten there. Not big, but generally quiet.
> Oakford Social Club. Opposite to the station. Plenty of space, lots of
> quiet nooks. Cant remember about the beer choice.
> The Monks Retreat, opposite Town Hall. Was a Wetherspoon pub, now
> Stonegate. Has a feel of a Spoons pub, similar beer and food.
> The Ale House. Excellent Beer!! always crowded. wheelchair imposable.
> Not really an option.
> Somewhere else?
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