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Hi guys

Details for our second monthly talk below. Please adapt and share as you 
see fit for your list, forgive me talking about myself in the third person.

Adam Sweet will be giving a talk on the evening of 17th March entitled:

Password Cracking With a GPU and Why Complexity Matters

This will be a demo of password cracking, how you can accelerate it 
using a commodity graphics card and why the issues of complexity, 
storage and re-use matter.

Adam is a Linux sysadmin and consultant with 15 years experience. He is 
the organiser of Wolverhampton Linux User Group, was a presenter on the 
LugRadio podcast and organiser of the UKs largest annual Linux community 
conference LugRadio Live before founding a Linux and Open Source support 
and consultancy business.

Please share it with any other relevant groups and on your <insert
irritating flash in the pan social media here> to help us bootstrap an
audience for future events.


Meeting starts at 19:30 GMT, Weds 17th March.

The talk will start around 20:30.



Meeting ID: 814 7856 0717

No password required for this but guests will need to wait in the
virtual lobby before being allowed in.

There's a social before and after the talk so please feel free to hang 
around and chat.

There's a Meetup link here if people want to say they're coming:



Adam Sweet
Wolves LUG

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