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This is on Wednesday next week if you wouldn't mind sending out reminders.

On a related note, I have what I think is a very exciting speaker for 
our April talk. It would be great to encourage attendance next week when 
I hope to be able to announce who it is.


On 03/03/2021 13:53, Adam Sweet wrote:
> Hi guys
> Details for our second monthly talk below. Please adapt and share as 
> you see fit for your list, forgive me talking about myself in the 
> third person.
> Adam Sweet will be giving a talk on the evening of 17th March entitled:
> Password Cracking With a GPU and Why Complexity Matters
> This will be a demo of password cracking, how you can accelerate it 
> using a commodity graphics card and why the issues of complexity, 
> storage and re-use matter.
> Adam is a Linux sysadmin and consultant with 15 years experience. He 
> is the organiser of Wolverhampton Linux User Group, was a presenter on 
> the LugRadio podcast and organiser of the UKs largest annual Linux 
> community conference LugRadio Live before founding a Linux and Open 
> Source support and consultancy business.
> Please share it with any other relevant groups and on your <insert
> irritating flash in the pan social media here> to help us bootstrap an
> audience for future events.
> Date:
> Meeting starts at 19:30 GMT, Weds 17th March.
> The talk will start around 20:30.
> Location:
> https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81478560717
> Meeting ID: 814 7856 0717
> No password required for this but guests will need to wait in the
> virtual lobby before being allowed in.
> There's a social before and after the talk so please feel free to hang 
> around and chat.
> There's a Meetup link here if people want to say they're coming:
> https://www.meetup.com/novalug/events/276696987/
> Regards,
> Adam Sweet
> Wolves LUG

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