[sclug] Starting up real meetings again.

Neil Brown sclug at neilzone.co.uk
Fri Feb 25 11:39:21 UTC 2022

On Fri, 2022-02-25 at 11:25 +0000, Keith Edmunds via Sclug wrote:
> Is it appropriate to bring one's own political views to the LUG?

My take is:

- I haven't been for years, but I'm now in a place where I could go
again, and would like to give it a try (my dislike for in-person events

- Assuming we are talking about Reading, I'd prioritise a quiet venue
(for conversation without shouting), near the station, with reasonably
priced food/drink options, and not having to hand over personal data to
an app/website just to place an order. I do not know what the choice is
for that. But I'd prioritise not excluding people on price etc.

- On Twitter, Stuart has suggested https://www.oakfordsocialclub.com/.
I don't know it, but it looks reasonably central?

- Assuming everything else was equal, I probably wouldn't pick a
Wetherspoons. But if that is what fits the bill, or is what others
prefer, so be it - I'm not going to lose sleep over it (other than as a
consequence of the food there...).

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