[sclug] Starting up real meetings again.

Ed Neville ed at s5h.net
Sat Feb 26 08:37:36 UTC 2022

On 2022-02-25 22:28+0000, matt johnston via Sclug wrote:
> All in favour of changing venue, say Aye. All not in favour of a 
> change of venue say Nay.

This thread like a change to me, did someone submit a change request and 
get it approved by all business stakeholders? Have we tried this in a 
test environment? :)

This isn't a normal situation and there's been a long stint of absence, 
if there's a change, now is the most courteous time to do so.

One thing that I would notice immediately is the distance from the 
station, I did enjoy the walk from Reading station to the pub, so I 
suppose I could just walk to the Back of Beyond and back, that'd still 
be cool.

My vote is for change, if the new venue doesn't have a quiz night that 
collides with the meeting. Then again, that's more chance of me sounding 
stupid :)


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