[sclug] Starting up real meetings again.

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Fri Feb 25 22:28:52 UTC 2022

We know Stuart's point of view, but I don't think it's a consensus for change.

All in favour of changing venue, say Aye. All not in favour of a change of venue say Nay.

My vote is Nay.


On 25 February 2022 14:09:04 GMT, Mark De Souza-Wilson via Sclug <sclug at sclug.org.uk> wrote:
>Completely agree with Keith.
>I strongly disagree with any change of venue being made for the purpose
>of making a political statement.
>Whatever your views on Tim Martin or Brexit, I think we need to respect
>that people have different thoughts, opinions and priorities - some of
>which might be controversial and ones we do not agree with.
>Personally Wetherspoons would not be my first choice of venue. 
>However, SCLUG has successfully held meetings there throughout the
>[almost] 15 years whilst I've been a member.  And there are a number of
>good reasons why SCLUG should continue to meet at the same venue, on
>the second Wednesday of each month.
>- Some members have not attended in years and might not be aware of
>changes in venue or meeting timimgs.
>- Low prices for food and drink at Back of Beyond make the meetings
>accessible to more people.
>- Back of Beyond has a huge selection of drinks whether you prefer
>ales, lagers or ciders etc.
>- Back of Beyond has no music or sound from TVs, so it's generally easy
>to hear each other speak.
>- Back of Beyond is a very large pub with plenty of seating.  This has
>allowed us to move tables and chairs to accommodate the group at times
>when we've had a larger number of attendees.
>The first question we need to ask is whether there is a need to change
>If we can agree a need to change venue, then I think we need to agree
>what we're looking for in a new venue so that we can be objective.
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>> I and some others took 
>> issue with the owner of Wetherspoons Tim Martin and his support for
>> Brexit.
>Is it appropriate to bring one's own political views to the LUG? There
>well be others who strongly support Tim Martin's view, but neither
>nor opposition to his views on Brexit should influence the choice of
>It doesn't make any difference to me - I'm 100 miles away so won't be
>there - but it's a slippery slope to allow a business owner's political
>stance to influence how the LUG behaves.
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