[sclug] Starting up real meetings again.

Mark De Souza-Wilson mark.dsw at posteo.net
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In you initial email sharing your Twitter poll you did say "I and some
others took issue with the owner of Wetherspoons Tim Martin and his
support for Brexit."

It's hardly a surprise that your Twitter followers support your
political position.

Are we now going to change venues whenever the vocal minority have a
different political stance to that of the venue owner?  What about when
your political opinion differs from other members of SCLUG?

With regard to the smartsurvey poll, who came up with this shortlist? 
I'm not convinced all the venues are suitable.

At Brewdog - can we move seating/tables around to accommodate a group
of 10 people in a quieter part of the venue?

I know the Maiden's Head very well.  We can certainly get a suitable
seating area and it would be quiet enough to talk/listen to each other.
There's also a variety of drinks.

Have you ever tried to have a group discussion at Zero Degrees?  The
style of the seating and that noise levels make it very difficult.

With the Oakford Social Club, our SCLUG group would be segregated from
the other guests at the venue.  Do we want this kind of segregation at
the Oakford, or anywhere else for that matter?

In my opinion, a list of suitable venues would include:
The Outlook - It is quiet, has a variety of drinks, and there are
suitable seating options.  SCLUG have previous met there on occasion.
The Three Guineas - There is a suitable area with tables behind the bar
which we might be able to reserve.

But with these options missing from the survey, would many people vote
for either of them?  I think most people would simply rank the four
listed choices.


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Mark. Not seeking to impose anything, I did not vote in the twitter 
poll, but 60% were for somewhere else.


On 25/02/2022 14:09, Mark De Souza-Wilson via Sclug wrote:
> Whatever your views on Tim Martin or Brexit, I think we need to
> respect
> that people have different thoughts, opinions and priorities - some
> of
> which might be controversial and ones we do not agree with.

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